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Our mission is to provide excellent quality childcare and educational programs to children by providing a safe, caring and nurturing environment, which will focus on each child’s social, emotional, physical and cognitive development. Early childhood programs give children an important foundation to achieve social and academic success in the future. The goals of our programs are to achieve high standards in care and education that will ensure that each child will develop language, literacy, social, emotional, physical and cognitive skills as described in the New York State Foundation for the Common Core Learning Standards.


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Call 646-476-9533 to learn more about Heaven's Tiny Tots Daycare & Learning Center.


Learn about our programs and where your child will fit in at Heavens Tiny Tots.


Learn about what the big kids are exploring early on in the technology field this summer. 

Fun At the Spa!

Sometimes we put aside learning for a little pampering and fun. Here is what a spa day looks like here at Heaven's Tiny Tots.

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