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Our Staff

We believe that the strength of our program is the dedication of our staff. We support our staff with training, resources, and freedom to create a unique learning experience for each child. We provide opportunities for staff to network and share ideas that will enable them to continue to grow professionally. Our staff works hard to create a caring and nurturing environment which fosters each child’s creativity and positive self- image.

We encourage our staff to spend a lot of time listening to and talking with the children. Positive interaction encourages the development of emotional awareness, language and social skills and also enhances the development of positive self- esteem and pride. Each child will have the opportunity to develop his/her own personal interests at his/her own pace.

We promote the professional development of our staff at Heaven’s Tiny Tot’s DayCare and Learning Center. Staff is supported with ongoing staff development training, and are given the resources needed to create unique learning experiences for our children.

The children  benefit from our teachers receiving ongoing training because the training  addresses areas directly related to improving curriculum, interpersonal interactions, child development, health and safety issues, and other relevant childcare topics.

We have identified the skills and competencies teachers must have to meet the childcare and early education needs of our children. Our  teaching team is carefully selected, trained, and evaluated. All DayCare staff members undergo background checks at the time of hire.

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