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Our Programs

Our Curriculum

We use Creative Curriculum, a research based curriculum that provides specific goals and objectives in the cognitive, speech and language, social, emotional, and gross and fine motor domains of child development.

Summer Camp
5 years -11 years 

Our Summer Camp is packed with fun recreational activities and most importantly, it is packed with learning material in order for the children to develop skills needed to succeed in school.

Pre-School Program
2 years -5 years 

Our program is designed to embrace your toddler’s unique personality and to focus on their skills and abilities. The Blue Room will create new learning experiences for the toddler.  Each child will receive a customized lesson plan and our daily routines will introduce individual and group play in a classroom filled with toys, books and materials to enhance each developmental stage. Our collaborative learning and comprehensive program will focus on cognitive, language, communication, physical, emotional, health and social development.

If you’d like more information about our programs, get in touch today.

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