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Career Talk

K-2: Children will learn about a different profession each week. They will have open dialogue and activities based on the selected career.

Career Tech


3-5: Children will discuss how to turn their interest, hobbies, and crafts into professions. They will use computers to research different career choices and paths and learn the steps necessary to achieve them.

College Prep:

3-5: Children will begin the dialogue on “Going to College”. They will discuss the idea, benefits, and options of receiving higher education. They will use computers to research campuses, scholarships, and other aspects of college life.

Literacy Hour

K-2: Read-a-Loud story time. Group leader will read book of choice to children. Children will then participate in activities based on what they have read. Children will be introduced to one vocabulary word per day.

3-5: 20’ a Day Challenge. One hour daily will be allotted to silent reading. Children will be give 20-30 minutes to read the book of their choice from their school’s summer reading list. Children will then write a 5-minute reflection and be given time to share out. Children will also be introduced to one vocabulary word per day. At the end of the hour children will sign their reading log which will get stamped by their group leader.


Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Activity

All grades: Activities structured to provide children with the knowledge, attitude, and skills necessary to understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, show and feel empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions.

Sports and Adventure:

All grades: Sports and games based on team work, cooperation, and problem solving.

Outside Activities



Beginners Fun with Computers and Coding ages K-2 (July 12, 1pm-3pm)

Students ages six to eight will learn the basics about how computers work and have fun with hands-on introductory coding activities.

By the end of the workshop, participants will:

  • Complete basic coding challenges.

  • Understand the essentials about how computers work.

  • Turn the tables and “teach” adults how to complete a coding activity.


Get creative with 3D in Windows 10 camp ages 8-12 (four 2-hour sessions) (July 9-12, 10am-12pm)

The world we live in is multidimensional, so shouldn’t our art be as well? Students ages 8 to 12 will bring their imaginations to life by learning Paint 3D in Windows 10. This free four-part camp series offers a high-energy, collaborative environment for participants to fuel their creativity and learn key tools and features of 3D in Windows 10.

At the end of the camp series, participants will have:

  • Learned the fundamentals of the Paint 3D app and all about the community.

  • Learned how to express their ideas in three dimensions by creating their own 3D designs.

  • Created a group story illustrated with participants’ 3D art.

This four-part camp series lasts two hours per session, and campers must attend the sessions consecutively.

Make your own movie with 3D and mixed reality camp ages 8+ (four 2-hour sessions) (July 23-27, 1pm-3pm)

Students ages eight and up create unique movie projects using Microsoft’s latest 3D drawing and movie-making applications. Campers feature each other in the videos alongside 3D characters and creatures, while learning movie-making basics like character development, storyboarding, shooting, editing, and sharing.

By the end of the camp series, students will:

· Learn how to use Paint 3D, Mixed Reality Viewer, and the Photos app for creative projects.

· Complete a movie they can share with friends and family.

· Participate in their own movie premiere at the final camp session.

This four-part camp series lasts two hours per session, and campers must attend the sessions consecutively.


Create a difference in your world camp ages 8+ (July 29-Aug 2, 1pm-3pm)

Students ages eight and up research and identify a cause they care about in their local community, and create action plans to fundraise, volunteer, or get the word out about their personal cause.

By the end of camp, students will:

· Learn to research areas of interest.

· Develop personal passions and understand new ways to make connections with others.

· Gain new skills with Microsoft Office and Windows 10 applications, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint Cortana, Whiteboard, and Photos.

This four-part camp series lasts two hours per session, and campers must attend the sessions consecutively.

Minecraft coding - learn computer science with your favorite game camp ages 8+ (Aug 6-10, 1pm-3pm)

Students ages eight and up learn key fundamentals of computer programming with Minecraft, using the Microsoft MakeCode platform.

By the end of the camp series, students will:

  • Create original coding programs in their own Minecraft world.

  • Learn new computer science concepts, such as events, coordinates, variables, and conditionals.

  • Practice using computational, problem-solving, and creative thinking skills.

This four-part camp series lasts two hours per session, and campers must attend the sessions consecutively. 


Start your own business camp ages 8-12 (Four 2 hour-sessions) (Aug 13-Aug 20, 10am-12pm)

Success has no boundaries. This series helps students ages 8 to 12 turn their passion into a great entrepreneurial business idea. Participants get guidance developing their ideas into a robust business plan and a polished pitch ready to share with the world.

Each two-hour session takes students through a series of engaging, hands-on group activities to introduce key business concepts, including:

  • How to create a product or service

  • Marketing and promotion

  • Pricing and costs

  • Manufacturing and distribution

During the final session, participants will have the opportunity to present their complete business plan for feedback and insight.

This four-part camp lasts two hours per session, and participants must attend the sessions consecutively.


NYPL Series:


Nature Detectives Series (A Summer Reading Program) (Three part 2-hour series) (K-2, July 11, 18, 25, 1pm-3pm)

Each week participants will delve deep into discovering various mysteries of nature. A Naturalist from the New Canaan Nature Center will use interactive, hands-on experiments plus a combination of live animals, plant and animal artifacts, specimens and samples to help students uncover clues from the wild and become true Nature Detectives. 


Music Makers Design Lab (Four part 2 hour series) (K-2, July 13- Aug 2, 12:30-2:30pm) (3-5, July 6-July 27, 11am-1pm)

Kids will discover diverse instruments through hands-on exploration, videos, images, and demonstrations as they identify and investigate the functions of their individual parts. Participants will be challenged to use what they have learned about how instruments make sound and build their own instrument from different yet familiar materials like cardboard, rubber bands, paper straws and more!

 Our Summer  Programs 

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